Welcome to Clay Hill Hunting

Clay Hill is known for having a good number of deer and good size deer. Many people have told us that some of the biggest deer they have seen has been here at Clay Hill! Our hunts are semi-guided. We have stands in place and we allow you to come and go as you please. Remember scent and movement are the 2 main ingredients that you can have some control over to insure a successful hunt. We provide feed and forage year round to ensure a good deer population, and we hope you get your next big one at Clay Hill!


Hog Hunting is available year round at Clay Hill but there are times that are better than others. We only book hog hunts when we know we have hogs active in the area. We will constantly check stands and get trail camera photos to insure your potential for success. We can’t guarantee you a kill but we will give you all available knowledge we have in order for your hunt to be successful. It’s all fair chase– no fences! They are wild and smart!!


 Andre Baptiste-This is a great operation, with honest people. I had a great hunt all 3 days with, a house that felt like a home. Ed is a stand up guy. I love everything about this place. It was my first out of state trip and I got my first deer ever, while bow hunting. It’s not fancy but I can’t imagine wanting anything more. I will definitely be back. Thanks Ed. Andre –December 13, 2016. 
 Gary McGinnis–Had a great time at Clay Hill hog hunting. Great place to go! Eddie got us on the hogs. Thanks to Eddie and everyone at Clay Hill. Hope to see you again next year.  Keep up the good work and God bless.  April 23, 2016
Robert KikerNo better people in the world. I found a family away from home. Eddie, Tammy, and Sissy are the best good-hearted, Christians that you would ever want to meet.  There is an abundance of animals to hunt and they can accomodate any type of hunter.  Do yourself a favor and put them on your “Need To Check Out” list. You won’t be sorry you did.