huntWe are well known for having some of the best dove shoots around.  For years these shoots were reserved for family and friends.  Now these awesome bird shoots are available to YOU.  Dove hunts are scheduled on certain days.  Hunters will gather at the field.  Stands will be marked off and a drawing will be held to determine where each hunter will be located.  We will not have a dove hunt unless we feel there are plenty of dove available.  To assure we have birds available we have planted a variety of foods that dove crave including grain sorghum, brown top millet, peanuts, and sesame.  You may contact us by e-mail at and we will add you to our list to be notified when dove shoots are scheduled.  When contacting by e-mail, please list Dove Hunts as subject.  You will receive a reply to your email to confirm our receipt of your email.  Prices may vary according to what we offer at a specific shoot. Hunts will be conducted in the afternoon hours.  Basic hunts start at $40 per gun. Price does not include license fees.